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Sky Castle Review - Korean Drama

Hello everyone!

I am here once again with a review of a kdrama - Sky Castle. :)

Skycastle is a 2018-2019 Korean drama which beautifully portrays the harsh education system of Korea and the extent to which rich families go to secure seats in Seoul National University. This drama is a 20 episode mystery, family, education and psychological series revolving around 4 rich families living in a lavish society - Skycastle.

This series is very successful in depicting the cruel nature of how Asian education system is. It interconnects all the families one after another.

This show particularly shows the desperation of parents to secure children’s spot on SNU and make them secure best grades by any means. The story starts with Han Seo Jin (played by Yum Jung ah) trying her best to meet an academic coach for her teen daughter (Yeh Su) to help her get into Seoul medical school. As Skycastle is the luxurious society where doctors and professor’s families live, each family wants best for their kids so that they can continue living on their opulent lives for generations. 

Seo Jin meets an academic coach who is incredibly witty, clever and pays millions of dollars with hope to get her daughter in the University. Same goes with other families at Skycastle who eye on ways to make their kids best by either learning from Seo Jin or other successful students. They donor hesitate to spend millions to either copy or steal other’s tactics of getting into University.

This series showcases how parent’s inferiority complex and insecurities hamper a child’s psychology. Another character in Cha Family, Cha Min Hyuk (played by Kim Byung Chul) constantly mentally pesters his children in getting best grades. He makes his kids watch the pyramid during study sessions to make them understand the societal hierarchy that respects literate people. Indeed, education system in Asia appears to be extremely dictatorial which incessantly grinds students especially teens. 

The school has enormous study plans and on top of that parents hire tutors to teach them which sums up numerous hours of study alone with no any time for themselves. This series explicitly portrays the psychological impact on a child when parents keep on saying to score best in order to sleep well tonight. There were many satirical dialogues and scenes such as, “how can you sleep when you didn’t come first?” “Don’t even spend one second without studying”, “The face of your spouse changes on the basis of your degree”! These actually are the real nature of how education system is. I absolutely loved this drama, actings, dialogues and what not!

All the actors depicted such best emotions like Seo Jin and Yeh Su. Seo Jin goes through all sorts of situations to make sure her daughter studies well to the extent she doesn’t argue with her husband about his illegitimate daughter. Similarly, Yeh Su is extremely ambitious and has an aim to move forward regardless of the constant family revelations thrown on her.

The roller coaster of emotions I went through this drama was awesome. I enjoyed every minute of this series. This series threw me off the roof where I felt so angry at Yeh Su for being rude and also felt sorry for her.

Characters such as Seung Hye and Sue Im made me realise that it is not hard to live by own moral standards. They tried their best to educate their kids the way in the most lenient way possible. This drama also gives an example of living being happy rather than living as per parent’s code of happiness. All the actors have done justice to the role. It didn’t seem that they were acting. 🤣

So many of Kdramas have touched my heart and SkyCastle is one of them. The plot is incredibly different than what normal Kdrama is. Normally a Kdrama is all about rich man- poor woman, love at first sight, triangle love story and the girl disappears, detective games but this drama is beyond words.


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