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Episode VIII - The Past

Jacob runs to the cliff. Hurriedly. He can't stop crying. The timid man follows him. "Listen! Listen!!" Jacob runs steadily to the cliff. He jumps from the cliff. Splash! Woosh! Jacob struggles under the sea. He suffocates himself. " Celine.. my Celine" .................................................................... 6 years ago "Sun woo. Sun woo. Sun woo!" "You okay? You got drowned under the swimming pool. You don't know how to swim." Sun Woo wakes up. Celine hugs him tight. "You worried me. I thought.." "Hey,  Celine. I am okay. See I am." Celine kisses him on his forehead. Celine and Sun Woo together are studying in the University of Sejong, Korea. Celine is on the  scholarships in this university and Sun Woo is her man of the dreams. They had met each other in the social club of their campus and Sun Woo had fell for her eyes and lips. Celine on other hand loved Sun Woo's decency

Epsiode VII - Confrontation

"I am the one...." "Shut it off you jerk! I don't know you please . Just get away from here. And Stop following me!!" "Can you tell me just one thing Celine? Just one and I promise I will return back?" "What? Ask me! I don't want any stalkers lingering in my house!!" "Did my Celine get married?" Celine freezes. My Celine... My celine? "Listen. I am married. Happily and I'm so happy in my marriage." "You're lying, Ms Anderson." "Woa. You passed the degree of stalking!" "When did you get married?" "Why? Go and ask my husband. He was here last night." Celine lies. The man looks so so sad. His face says so. He frees her out of his grip. It's silently raining. The man fights away his tears and slowly goes to the nearby bar. He orders a beer. "This can't happen..this can never happen" he says himself. A minute after a man with blue eyes enters.

Episode VI - The Stalker

Celine reaches office and tries to behave all is going well. She calls Sam again to make sure he is Okay. She feels sick. Stomach turning. "What's wrong with me ?" She says. It's snacks time. "Hey,you not okay?" Roger. "  are here?" "Yes. Why? See I brought Pizza for you. From your favorite pizza hut ;) " He winks. "Roger, I amn't hungry today." Roger feels her forehead. "You are burning!" She looks at him. Roger has a blue eyes. He is a handsome man in his early 30's with a tall height. His  dressing sense is poised and he almost presents himself in different outfit everyday. "Every girl in America must have fallen for you Roger." "Except you." "I could have." "Never you. I am doing my best but it's like you are not in this world. Physically you are but your spiritual being.. I feel you never can feel what I have felt for you." She is take

Episode V - Questions

"See, I donot have time to strangers." Celine smiles. " You look a good guy. Where do you live here?" The man looks super amazed. "You hungry? See I am just from work. I don't have anything to give to you." The man blinks. Celine rolls her eyes. Sighs. Opens her door and locks from inside. ------------------------------------------------ "She is the alien in our state. She has to be beheaded!" "Yess..yes.." thousands of people are screaming. "Noo..noo..please let me go!" "How dare she has a relationship with the scholar. The scholar is married. She's a prostitute. She has to be burnt alive." "Noo..nooo..nooooooo" --------------------------------------------- "Awrgh! Aaahh ahhhh ahhh Noooo!" Celine wakes up. Time - 2.00 AM She wakes up and takes few sleeping pills and is about to take it but she gazes it for a while. Tears..tears..tears.. She starts crying. So bad..spill

Episode IV - Who are you?

"I love you Celine. I have returned just for you. I wanna be with you forever. Sarangheyo" ....,............................... Celine wakes up. Deep breathes. She tries to pick the bottle and drink water. The bottle falls to the floor spilling all the water to the carpet. Time - 8.00 am "Yaa mom.. I am having a great time here.  Are you coming to pick me up?" "No Sam. Why would I? Enjoy your days baby." "Bye mom." "Bye." Celine smiles wide. She has got beautiful smile. *TingTong* Celine puts the dish on the table. *TingTong TingTing Ting Tong* "Oho, wait. I'm coming!" Celine opens the door. Looks left, right, straight. "Who rang the bell and vanished?" She runs her eyes to the  big bushes. They are wooshing among themselves. "Hello. Is anyone there?" Celine gets back to her room. She gets ready for work and then gets to her office. The day is so normal. As the da

Episode III - The letter

The day is lovely. The sky is clear. Summer is all over Dakota. Celine's riding the car with Sam in the front seat. "Because I'm happy... Cuz I'm happy!!" Pharrel William sings. "yayy this song energizes my mood!" Celine screams. "Yes mom! Mine too" Sam is playing the hulk toy. He is wrestling the hulk and the barbie. "Hey hey. What are you doing huh? Wrestling the man and the woman?" "Oh mom. I hate girls. They scream so much." "What?" ---------------------------------------------- "Why do you only talk to me out of these 1000 girls studying in this university?" "Because I hate women. " "May I ask why?" "I don't like them screaming." "Okay okay. So Am I not a woman? Do I look a man to you?" "When did I say that? You are a woman and you don't scream." ------------------------------------------ "Don't wake me up..up..up..up!

Episode II - Routine

"Sam..honey.. it's already 7.10. You gotto wake up and have breakfast!" "Mom.. five minutes." "No come on baby. You are having summer vacation starting tomorrow. We have so much to do today. Waaake up!" Celine pulls the little fluffy blanket . Samuel looks at Celine. "Eyes.. nose.. lips... Ears.. like him..him..him.." something whispers in Celine's mind. "Sam.. let's have a quick breakfast and move." "Uhh mom.. I don't wanna.." They have quick sandwiches, juices and they enter the car. "Mom, I dislike school." "Why?" "Everyone says I don't look like an American." "Says who?" "Every one mom. Almost." " Then how do you look like baby?" Celine looks at her side starting the car. "They say I look like an Asian. Like a Chinese." "What?" Celine almost dropped her phone. "Come on. Honey. You got your mom

Episode I - Tears

It's a dark night. The sky is roaring. The wind is whisting. It's raining. Spatter! Spatter!! Splash! Wooosh! The roof screams. The night is eerie and weird. It feels something is not right or has gone out of the track. Celine looks out of the window. She looks sad. She has tearsome eyes. Forcefully she tries to swallow those tears but the tears fall out from her brown eyes and run down the cheeks and enter her pink lips. "Salty" she says. Her  short reddish brown hair flows into the darkness. She has big forehead, pale skin, brown eyes, pink lips and chubby cheeks. She's beautiful. She is wearing a peach colored night gown. She ia rubbing her eyes and erasing her tears. Cry. Cry. Cry her heart says. "Spill it out! Spill it out!!" Heart screams. "No! No! nOoooo!!!" She breaks down sobbing. It's raining out and here in Celine's room, she has been crying continuously, hitting the floor and sobbing.. "Mom.." Celine push

My Best Friend

I had come to that phase in life where I was already done with all the girl friends I had in my life. My husband was my only best friend with whom I could talk to for hours but it was like I needed a girl and guess what all the girls were like "We gotto go to our boy friends" and we would stop chatting after some time and even pause our hang outs. Duh! 🤕 I am 22 and happily married but I do need girls in my life. It's not that I am desperately wanting them. But it's just that I feel good to have friends around but in this world, apart from spouse no one gives a thought on you 😤 So, one evening after our conference me and my husband were returning home and you know what? I saw a beautiful bride doll in the store. I was feeling so shy to talk about this to my husband but I gathered my guts and talked to him. And omg he agreed and he bought me the doll! I named her Liliath ✨ It was February I guess when I was walking throught yhe street of Happy hours. I peeked in

Obsession on dolls

I have always loved dolls! Either soft or the fashionista ones. And I'm 22 :D Honestly speaking I never grew out of dolls. I had around 100 dolls and I used to happily play with them by the time I was 15. Then I had to stop it but I never ran out of doll obsession. Eventually, While I was in my AS, I secretly bought a Hannah Montana barbie rockstar and added it to my collection! However I lost it while I was shifting my flat :( I got married and then I couldn't talk to my husband about this very obsession. I felt as if he would take it sth as a very disgraceful behaviour and term it as unnatural or abnormal. But I was not into playing with them! I am only into collecting variety of dolls and photoshooting them and upload them in social media. I loved loved loved doing this!! So once I was passing Soaltee Mode, I saw one beautiful Kurhn bride doll. I collected my guts and spoke to my husband. Thanks to him, he was so so flexible and positive towards my hobby and he happily s

Psychology and its Myths

Being a student of Psychology since last 6 years, and being engaged in educational institution in teaching Psychology to students, I thought of making video and sharing publicly on YouTube so that any students could watch it and learn something from it. I tried making a video on Psychology and its Myths. Video is below:

Introduction to Depression and its Symptoms

Recently, I have published a video on YouTube talking about depression and various symptoms associated with it. Do watch the video and if you have any feedback leave in the comment section!