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Episode VI - The Stalker

Celine reaches office and tries to behave all is going well. She calls Sam again to make sure he is Okay.
She feels sick. Stomach turning.
"What's wrong with me ?" She says.

It's snacks time.
"Hey,you not okay?"
"  are here?"
"Yes. Why? See I brought Pizza for you. From your favorite pizza hut ;) " He winks.
"Roger, I amn't hungry today."
Roger feels her forehead.
"You are burning!"
She looks at him.
Roger has a blue eyes. He is a handsome man in his early 30's with a tall height. His  dressing sense is poised and he almost presents himself in different outfit everyday.
"Every girl in America must have fallen for you Roger."
"Except you."
"I could have."
"Never you. I am doing my best but it's like you are not in this world. Physically you are but your spiritual being.. I feel you never can feel what I have felt for you."

She is taken aback. Another world.. another world..

Roger drives her home.
Celine looks back. It's 5 in the evening. She is looking out in the road, crowded shops and the loud music. She sees the same tall pale guy with chinky eyes in the pavement looking at her. He tries to smile but Celine looks away.
"Why is he looking at me?" She wonders.

Roger leaves her home.
"I am too tired to call you in Roger. Next time okay? With Sam in the house."
"No I don't force you to call me in but I wanna say something to you."
"Not today Roger."
"Tomorrow? At the dinner?"
"Dinner?who approved going to the dinner with you?"
" You will come."
After so many days Celine feels so light talking to him.
Roger hugs her. As he hugs her, Celine saw the same tall Asian guy looking at her. This time he has tears on his eyes.
"Roger.. I am sleepy. Goodnight!"
She closes the door and peeks through the window.
Roger drives off and the Asian guy he walks away.
She sighs. Deep breath.

This continues for next two days and She feels scared.

"Why are you following me? Why? You want to abduct me? Huh?" She pushes him.


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