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Episode VIII - The Past

Jacob runs to the cliff. Hurriedly. He can't stop crying.
The timid man follows him.
"Listen! Listen!!"
Jacob runs steadily to the cliff. He jumps from the cliff.

Splash! Woosh!
Jacob struggles under the sea. He suffocates himself.
" Celine.. my Celine"
6 years ago

"Sun woo. Sun woo. Sun woo!"
"You okay? You got drowned under the swimming pool. You don't know how to swim."
Sun Woo wakes up.
Celine hugs him tight.
"You worried me. I thought.."
"Hey,  Celine. I am okay. See I am."
Celine kisses him on his forehead.

Celine and Sun Woo together are studying in the University of Sejong, Korea. Celine is on the  scholarships in this university and Sun Woo is her man of the dreams.
They had met each other in the social club of their campus and Sun Woo had fell for her eyes and lips. Celine on other hand loved Sun Woo's decency and his modest attitudes.
"Is every Korean guy so modest like you?"
"I think yes. "
"I love you so much Sun Woo."
"I love you too."

"What's his name, Celine? He looks so cute..!" Her friends ask.
"Sun Woo. Park Sun Woo."

"So you'll be marrying out of your ethnicity? A korean?"
"Yaa I will. I love him. We love each other."
"But many say,he's weird. That he walks around beaches at night and dives into the ocean. Many say they see him vanishing into the ocean and returning several days after."
"So he's been skipping classes because of this?"Celine asks.
"Yes. Many say.."
"Stop!" Celine shouts.
"You girls and your rumours." She rolls her eyes.

Sun Woo and Celine had a beautiful relationship. They would never be apart and would just be happy talking to each other.
Then, again Sun Woo vanishes for a week.
Celine feels comatose all the week.

After a week, she comes to know someone found him unconscious on the bank of the sea.

"Sun Woo, I have been hearing so much about you going to the beaches at night and vanishing and I don't know what else.
I ..I don't believe these shits. I just wanna know what's wrong with you "
She kisses him. She hugs him tight.
He looks solemn.
"You know I love you so much."
"Yes. I do Sun Woo."
"Celine.. there's something I've been wanting to tell you."
His eyes seem nervous. His voice flickers.
"Yes. Go on love"
"It's's.. will you marry me?"
Celine is shocked.
"I know we are too young for this but I don't have much time with me. I just wanna spend the rest of my days only with you."
"Why? We do have time Sun Woo."
"Please stop talking. I just wanna hear you breathe and I only know a thing and that is,I'm marrying you this week." He kissed her lips.

The marriage is held according to the Christian norm as per Celine's persistence.  Celine has worn a simple white gown and her mom has been holding her hand.

Sun Woo comes from the other side with his friends. The Priest make them take oath.. Celine has never been this happier in her life.
"Now I pronounce you both as a husband and wife.
SunWoo, you have to take care of your wife in sickness and health, in storms and clouds and during her life and death."
Sun woo solemly says "I shall, father."
" And Celine, you have to protect your husband from all the evils and dangers and be with him all your life."
Celine follows "I will, father."
They both kiss one another and then the marriage completes.


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