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Epsiode VII - Confrontation

"I am the one...."
"Shut it off you jerk! I don't know you please . Just get away from here. And Stop following me!!"
"Can you tell me just one thing Celine? Just one and I promise I will return back?"
"What? Ask me! I don't want any stalkers lingering in my house!!"
"Did my Celine get married?"

Celine freezes. My Celine... My celine?
"Listen. I am married. Happily and I'm so happy in my marriage."
"You're lying, Ms Anderson."
"Woa. You passed the degree of stalking!"
"When did you get married?"
"Why? Go and ask my husband. He was here last night." Celine lies.

The man looks so so sad. His face says so. He frees her out of his grip.

It's silently raining.
The man fights away his tears and slowly goes to the nearby bar.
He orders a beer.
"This can't happen..this can never happen" he says himself.

A minute after a man with blue eyes enters.
He orders a rum and starts drinking.

"He must be Roger. The one Celine was hugging last night."

"Hello Roger."
Roger looks back.
"Hi. Do I know you?"
"No. Umm. I am ..I am Jacob. I just wanted to know something about Ms. Anderson."
"Ms. Anderson? Who? I don't know any one with this surname."
"I ..I had a letter to give to her. And it was from Korea.. I gave her but she hasn't replied since.."
"Oh.. so Celine? Haha ask me what you want. So you were the one to send mail?"
"No..not me but consider me a messenger "
"In this 21st century, why don't you send a message on her phone than this letter oldie technique?"
"Listen. Whoever is sending these mails to her, convey him that she's married and she is never ever going to fall for any other."
"How long has she been married? With whom?"
"With me. Hahaha" He lies.
"So you are married too?"
"Yes. I am." *He lies again*

"So, Cccceliinnn.. got married to that blue eyed man?" The timid man who had given the letter to Celine asks Jacob.
They seem close to each other. They walk together near the woods.

"Celine doesn't remember me. She has married and she seems happy with Roger. Roger is a nice guy. He seems so.."
"I should have never been here in the first place. It's been five years already. I should have never been here."
He starts sobbing. The man near him tries to convince him.

"Mom! I'm home!!"
Celine hugs Sam tightly. They both have lunch and then they go to supermarket as Celine had promised.
"Sam, just pick two okay? Any two. Not more than that."
Sam starts selecting. "This..or this.."
Celine meets one of her old school friends and she starts talking.

"Hmm.. this one is a Hulk. I have this. I wanted a bat man!"
"Take this. The bat man"
Sam looks up. There's a man in the hood.
The man is Jacob.
Jacob looks at the child. His heart beats so much.
"Take this. Yours"
"It's not mine. Mom says I shouldn't take things from strangers."
"Your mom's right. Okay then. I keep it back."
"Why are you at the toy store? Big people don't play my mom says."
"I do play young child." Jacob runs Sam's hair.

"Don't you DARE TOUCH MY CHILD!!!"
Jacob and Sam looks back.

"He's my son! Don't ever touch him!!"
"What.. Celine..your son?"
"Get away. Get away! I am warning you. You wanna kill my sam? Huh? You dirt!"
"Mom, no.."
Celine pulls Sam away from the market.

"Son? Celine has a son?"


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