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Episode II - Routine

"Sam..honey.. it's already 7.10. You gotto wake up and have breakfast!"
"Mom.. five minutes."
"No come on baby. You are having summer vacation starting tomorrow. We have so much to do today. Waaake up!"
Celine pulls the little fluffy blanket . Samuel looks at Celine.
"Eyes.. nose.. lips... Ears.. like him..him..him.." something whispers in Celine's mind.
"Sam.. let's have a quick breakfast and move."
"Uhh mom.. I don't wanna.."
They have quick sandwiches, juices and they enter the car.
"Mom, I dislike school."
"Everyone says I don't look like an American."
"Says who?"
"Every one mom. Almost."
" Then how do you look like baby?" Celine looks at her side starting the car.
"They say I look like an Asian. Like a Chinese."
Celine almost dropped her phone.
"Come on. Honey. You got your mom's eyes. See how big these are?"
"But mom. They talk about my flat lips."
Celine stares into his face and kissed his ears. "Everyone's so jealous of you. You know?"
They go to school.
Later Celins goes to the office, completes all her assigned works, makes so many phone calls, have a great work day and takes Sam back to home.
Then, both of them watch cartoons, have dinner and Celine reads our Disney stories to Sam.
"Hon, we will be visiting grandma tomorrow."
"Really? Yayyy I am so so happy. I will meet Fredwick. He must be missing me!"
"Yup hon. Fredwick comes to you so that you give him your chicken leg your grandma makes. That thing is so .."
"Mom.. Fredwick is the only pet I've."
"Okay hon. I'm sorry."

Celine goes on with her story..

"Okay so Stitch is adopted by Lilo and Lilo takes her home... And stitch is having a hard time in human's island...."

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