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Episode IV - Who are you?

"I love you Celine. I have returned just for you. I wanna be with you forever. Sarangheyo"
Celine wakes up. Deep breathes. She tries to pick the bottle and drink water. The bottle falls to the floor spilling all the water to the carpet.

Time - 8.00 am
"Yaa mom.. I am having a great time here.  Are you coming to pick me up?"
"No Sam. Why would I? Enjoy your days baby."
"Bye mom."
"Bye." Celine smiles wide. She has got beautiful smile.

Celine puts the dish on the table.
*TingTong TingTing Ting Tong*
"Oho, wait. I'm coming!"

Celine opens the door.
Looks left, right, straight.
"Who rang the bell and vanished?"
She runs her eyes to the  big bushes. They are wooshing among themselves.
"Hello. Is anyone there?"
Celine gets back to her room.
She gets ready for work and then gets to her office.
The day is so normal.
As the day ends. She gets out of the office. She gets to the car and is about to start the car when someone knocks the window pane.
She sees outside.
"Hello Celine."
There's a young dwarf kinda looking timid man. His eyes are so so so small.
"How do you know my name?"
"This.. take this.. he said."
"He..who?" Celine adjusts her sunglasses.
"What? Will you please speak?"
Celine throws the letter to the cemented floor and rushes to the car.
Wooooozh. The car starts and hurriedly she drives the car into the crowd.
She inhales.. exhales.. inhales..exhales..
She gets to her home.
She parks her car aside and suddenly a voice comes.
"Celine. How are you?"
She looks back.
There's a tall lean man. He has a pair of sharp chunky black eyes. His face is so well structured and fair. He has got pretty lips and he has worn a normal pants and a t shirt. He has a cap.
"Celine.. you haven't changed at all."
Celine keeps on staring at him.
He comes forward.
"Celine. I'm sorry. I had to come early. I had sent you the letter yesterday and today morning.."
The young man seems so nervous. Celine sees his hands shaking.
"Today I tried my best to show up but I could..couldn't"
He breaks down.
The man starts crying.
After few minutes, the man stands.

"Who are you?"
"Yaa. I'm asking you. I come to know you know me, my name, my address. But please introduce yourself to me first."
"Who are you?"


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