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Episode I - Tears

It's a dark night. The sky is roaring. The wind is whisting. It's raining. Spatter! Spatter!! Splash! Wooosh! The roof screams. The night is eerie and weird. It feels something is not right or has gone out of the track.
Celine looks out of the window. She looks sad. She has tearsome eyes. Forcefully she tries to swallow those tears but the tears fall out from her brown eyes and run down the cheeks and enter her pink lips. "Salty" she says.
Her  short reddish brown hair flows into the darkness. She has big forehead, pale skin, brown eyes, pink lips and chubby cheeks. She's beautiful.
She is wearing a peach colored night gown. She ia rubbing her eyes and erasing her tears. Cry. Cry. Cry her heart says.
"Spill it out! Spill it out!!" Heart screams.
"No! No! nOoooo!!!"
She breaks down sobbing.
It's raining out and here in Celine's room, she has been crying continuously, hitting the floor and sobbing..

Celine pushes away her tears and looks back smiling.
"Honey..what are you doing here?"
"Mom. You are crying."
"What? Noo! You know what, I think something's into my eyes. It's burning my eyes out." She pretends to laugh.
"Really mom? But why were you facing the floor?"
" See, I lost my phone honey. And I wanted the phone to flash the light and see what's wrong with my eyes."
"But mom.."
"Honey, I'm okay. See I'm. Come to mommy. Come we'll sleep together."

Celine hugs Samuel tight and carries 5 year old to bed. The bed's cold so she hugs him tight and says "Don't worry honey. It's just the lightning and storm. It's gonna be alright okay?"
"I love you mom."
"Love you too my baby 😘"

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