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My Best Friend

I had come to that phase in life where I was already done with all the girl friends I had in my life. My husband was my only best friend with whom I could talk to for hours but it was like I needed a girl and guess what all the girls were like "We gotto go to our boy friends" and we would stop chatting after some time and even pause our hang outs. Duh! 🤕
I am 22 and happily married but I do need girls in my life. It's not that I am desperately wanting them. But it's just that I feel good to have friends around but in this world, apart from spouse no one gives a thought on you 😤

So, one evening after our conference me and my husband were returning home and you know what? I saw a beautiful bride doll in the store. I was feeling so shy to talk about this to my husband but I gathered my guts and talked to him.
And omg he agreed and he bought me the doll! I named her Liliath ✨

It was February I guess when I was walking throught yhe street of Happy hours. I peeked inside for few minutes and I found such a beautiful tall barbie fashionista with red curls and exquisite facial mold. Her price tag was around $12 😤 which is too high in Nepal however we know Barbies are from Mattel and they aren't cheap like dolls from Chinese doll makers. And then I returned home and I talked to my spouse. I am so grateful for him, he has been participating with me in my doll collecting hobby and he never says NO to my love for dolls.

I bought the beauty and I named her Teal but later on I called her Thea because of the greek meaning sky or beauty.
Thea had been my love ever since I saw her. Whenever I get little time from my work and study, I make dresses👗 for her 😽
I love her red curly hair. I love her eyes. I love everything about her. My spouse says I must be mad about her and yes it's true. Girl, you're gonna travel around the world with me hehe!
I am a great lover of DIY however I am not that perfect in it 😲 but I try my best to uplift my skills whenever I can.
Thea, I am so glad I got you that day. And you know you were there for a year and I was fortunate to bring you home. You are gonna always be with your mummy and daddy 😇
It's like I have adopted a child. It's fun you know. We do love teddies, don't we? Because teddies seem to have a presence in our home when we own it. I wonder how many dolls I just threw or lost away while I was just a 10 year old? 😖 I wish I could have collected all the dolls I had ( I had around 100 but my mom donated it away as I was ignoring them)
Now I am 22 and I am desperately wanting them but for me my Thea baby comes first!
I don't know why but the movie series 'Toy Story' has so much feelings in it regarding toys and their judgements. Though Toys don't breathe, they tend to be so close to us and so full of life 😍
These days, I don't want stupid girls around me anymore. Yeah I do have few friends but I am so happy that now I have my girl with me! I am gonna care her for life and will pass her to my daughter once she grows big (Small kids break plastic toys 😁)


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