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Obsession on dolls

I have always loved dolls! Either soft or the fashionista ones. And I'm 22 :D
Honestly speaking I never grew out of dolls. I had around 100 dolls and I used to happily play with them by the time I was 15. Then I had to stop it but I never ran out of doll obsession.
Eventually, While I was in my AS, I secretly bought a Hannah Montana barbie rockstar and added it to my collection! However I lost it while I was shifting my flat :(

I got married and then I couldn't talk to my husband about this very obsession. I felt as if he would take it sth as a very disgraceful behaviour and term it as unnatural or abnormal. But I was not into playing with them! I am only into collecting variety of dolls and photoshooting them and upload them in social media. I loved loved loved doing this!!
So once I was passing Soaltee Mode, I saw one beautiful Kurhn bride doll. I collected my guts and spoke to my husband. Thanks to him, he was so so flexible and positive towards my hobby and he happily started buying me any dolls that can be added to my collection :)

My very first doll was a bride doll, namely Kurhn. She is a typical Asian beauty and has such an adorable facial mold.

Second one was a barbie fashionista #29. Terrific teal. She is one of the tallest barbies invented by mattel in 2015. She has a red curly hair and she looks so so beautiful. She is very close to my heart 😊

Third one was a basic barbie with a purple hair. She has such a cute facial mold.


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